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 The 1904 World's Fair Society

The Leadership Present and Past 

1904 World's Fair Society 2016 Executive Board

The Society's Executive Board is comprised of the same positions held during the planning and execution of the
1904 World's Fair-- Four Officers and Four Directors.


The Officers

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected to one year terms in November to serve for the following calendar year.

Mr. Mike Truax
Photo of Mr. Mike Truax, President, 1904 World's Fair Society
Vice President
Ms Mary Ellen Dick 
Mr. Dave Meyer
Mr. Dan Fuller

The Directors

The Director of Exhibits, Director of Exploitation, Director of Concessions and Admissions, and the Director of Works are appointed by the officers and also serve for the calendar year.

Director of
 Ms. Linda King
Director of
Mr. Art DeVillar



Director of
Concessions and
Mr. Bernie Corn 
Director of

Mr. Doug Stone


1904 World's Fair Society Past  Presidents
Since it's founding in 1986, the society has been led by four elected Officers and four appointed Directors
as described above. Many individuals have served the society well in these positions over the years but  
special recognition is given to our past presidents as noted below:

1986-1989 & 2004
Mr. Max Storm
Max Storm

1990- 1994
Mr. Bill Pieber
Mr. Ron Schira

Ms Yvonne Suess