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Mark and Cathy
Mark and Cathy
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Trivia Night! (24)
3 Shorts: Francis Gym, AAA & Construction Photos (42)
At this three-in-one meeting we heard about the reconstruction of the Francis Gymansium on the Washington University Danforth Campus; efforts to improve roads and the origins of the American Automobile Association at the Fair; and how many of the Fair buildings were constructed by seeing photographs during construction courtesy of Max Storm.
China at the Fair (30)
We learned about China's presence in 1904 St. Louis, with many displays, art exhibits, theater, and people at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
On the Pike (29)
Mike Truax took us on a visit to the Fair, featuring the experiences of a typical 1904 family as they took "A Trip to the Pike."
World's Fair National Bank (22)
David Grant told us about the Fair's own bank, The Bankers' World's Fair National Bank, and the 1904 World's Fair's own currency, too!
Annual Picnic (40)
Bellefontaine Cemetery Tour (26)
We took an entertaining trolley bus tour of all of the World’s Fair-related sites at the famous Bellefontaine Cemetery, and saw where Fair officers, David Francis, Fair architects and other 1904-era people are laid to rest.
Show and Tell (45)
You always can count on some interesting stories that members have about their items, and seeing something unusual. It’s always fun and often amazing to see the variety of memorabilia and souvenirs. This year, we again featured a few special items from the collection of Von Dunn collection. Von Dunn, a Texas member since 1996, donated his collection to the 1904 World’s Fair Society in 2013.
Diane Rademacher - St. Louis Firsts (28)
Charter member Diane Rademacher took us on a special tour, using her latest book, Famous Firsts of St. Louis: A Celebration of Facts, Figures, Food, & Fun. Diane highlighted some Famous Firsts associated with the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair for us, including not only thewell-known but many other little-known facts.
Father Bernard Wilkins “Time Machine” (18)
This stunning video captures the grandeur and scope of the 1904 World's Fair. Various vistas of the Fair blend into contemporary videos of Forest Park. You’ll see videos of today’s Grand Basin and Art Hill transformed into the “main picture” of the Fair: with Festival Hall atop Art Hill, and the enormous exhibit Palaces on either side of the Grand Basin. Many other “then and now” views will be shown, along with information and facts about the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The visual effects are truly amazing, and the combined views clearly illustrate the magnitude and magnificence of the 1904 World’s Fair.This stunning video captures the grandeur and scope of the 1904 World's Fair. Various vistas of the Fair blend into contemporary videos of Forest Park. You’ll see videos of today’s Grand Basin and Art Hill transformed into the “main picture” of the Fair: with Festival Hall atop Art Hill, and the enormous exhibit Palaces on either side of the Grand Basin. Many other “then and now” views will be shown, along with information and facts about the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The visual effects are truly amazing, and the combined views clearly illustrate the magnitude and magnificence of the 1904 World’s Fair.
Jessie Tarbox Beals (33)
Storyteller Diane Moran presented a “Living History” program about the life of photographer Jessie Tarbox Beals.
2014 Closing Day Obvervance Banquet (60)
We gathered at MHM on a chilly evening to close out the 110th anniversary of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. We toured the new Louisiana Purchase exhibit (and got to see the actual treaty!), and then had a wonderful dinner in Bixby's. A great barbershop quartet performed, Mike reviewed 2014 (the Year of Museums), and attendance prizes were drawn. All attendees received a World’s Fair Survival Package. Devin Jones took us back to 1904 in his unique fashion, and as we left, we saw in lights what Fairgoers saw in fireworks at midnight!
4th Annual International Day (25)
Sharon Smith , Society member and curator at the Missouri History Museum discussed Latin America at the Fair.
Tour of Art Museum (18)
The meeting was held at the Art Museum or the "Palace of Fine Arts" which was built for the Fair. The history of the building was explained as well as a tour of the museum.
FARE in Forest Park (14)
Aviation at the Fair: (30)
Fred Roos presented the story of the aeronautical activities the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair --the first time in history that a mass flying contest had been organized and conducted! The unprecedented amount of $200,000 was appropriated for aeronautic events, of which $100,000 was to be for a Grand Prize “for aeronautic achievement considerably beyond anything yet attained!” This Grand Prize Contest was open to airships and “flying machines” of any description. During the course of the aeronautic events, numerous flights were made by various airships, kites and balloons were flown and launched, and glider demonstration flights were made. The Wright brothers, who had made their first flights at Kitty Hawk just a few months earlier, toured the Fairgrounds in February 1904, and concluded that a flight to win the Grand Prize Contest was unachievable. This proved true; the $100,000 Grand Prize remained unclaimed!
The Great Ferris Wheel (43)
Jim Bubash, Steve Schmitz and Mike Truax talked about the great Ferris Wheel, and describe how George Washington Ferris first constructed it for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. It was then relocated to Lincoln Park in Chicago. It was eventually brought to St Louis in 1904 for another World’s Fair. Jim related how George Ferris championed the design and construction, and made this massive wheel. He will describe the remarkable technical accomplishment of the Ferris Wheel, and showed slides that illustrated the fantastic size and the large number of passengers it held. Finally, they related the fate of the Ferris Wheel…and “what happened to the axle”.
Trip to Jefferson City (32)
On July 27th , members took a bus trip to Jefferson City.
Kemper Art Museum - Washington University (19)
Mildred Lane lead us on a tour of the museum, and Inside the Palace of Fine Arts: Cosmopolitanism at the 1904 World’s Fair. This exhibition gathers together a selection of artworks from the Museum's permanent collection that were on view at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, including the works of such artists as Jean Charles Cazin, Frederic Edwin Church, Charles François Daubigny, Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña, and Jozef Israëls. This theme was to explore the role of the 1904 World’s Fair in relation to local aspirations to turn the city into an international cultural center.
June Picnic (24)
The annual picnic was held in Forest Park. Hot dogs, ice cream , and games were enjoyed by all.
Ragtime Music from St. Louis and the Fair (23)
The 50th anniversary of The St. Louis Ragtimers was marked in 2011 and the band still has the original four band members (Trebor Jay Tichenor, Al Stricker, Don Franz and Bill Mason). This could put The St. Louis Ragtimers into the Guinness Book of Records! In the fall of 1961, The Ragtimers began their first steady engagement at the "Natchez Queen", on Gaslight Square. Since then, they have played on many venues and at many events around St. Louis, and gained widespread recognition. Take a trip back in time with us to hear Ragtime music, probably just like it was performed back in 1904! The meeting was held at the MHM.
Missouri Civil War Museum (Jefferson Barracks) (33)
One hundred years ago the Civil War was raging across America, and the effects were felt in Missouri. Mark Trout and John Murath told us all about the new Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks, which just opened last year. Following the meeting, we toured of the entire museum, led by Mark, the museum founder, and John, the museum’s second-in-command.
The Wanamaker Organ (19)
The Wanamaker Organ was built by the Los Angeles Art Organ Company, successors to the Murray M. Harris Organ Co., for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. The Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company paid $15,000 for this exhibit to be installed in Festival Hall and used during the Fair. It was designed to be the largest organ in the world, and could imitate a full-size orchestra with a complete set of full organ tones. In 1909, it was bought by John Wanamaker for his new department store in Philadelphia. It has been greatly expanded and is still played on a daily basis.
test (0)
Show and Tell (36)
Show and Tell was again an exciting evening. This year, we also showed a few special items from the collection of Von Dunn collection. Von Dunn, a Texas member since 1996, recently donated his collection to the 1904 World’s Fair Society.
Movie Night: The World’s Greatest Fair (19)
Ten years ago, the culmination of over a year’s work was presented at the Fox Theater, as the documentary "The World's Greatest Fair" premiered to a sold-out audience of over 4000 people. Many Society members contributed to this effort; some wrote segments, some were interviewed, and some spoke the voice parts. After many other showings and broadcasts, the documentary won three regional Emmys and many other prestigious awards. Presented in conjunction with the Missouri History Museum, we viewed that movie again, in a great theater setting. The directors of the movie (Bob Miano and Scott Hugerich) were present for this special showing.
Closing Day Celebration (54)
The grand finale of our year will be our year-end Closing Day Observation. Since 1986 we have observed the Fair’s closing on the very date the Fair closed in 1904. Members and guests have kept the tradition alive when we enjoy a delicious dinner and entertainment including our popular ‘Year in Review’.
Will Rogers - His Life and Times (33)
Lester Lurk, of St. Genevieve Missouri, bears a striking resemblance to the great humorist Will Rogers. He's learned a wealth of information about the Oklahoma native who became a cowboy, vaudeville performer, humorist, social commentator and motion picture actor. He'll told us about Will's life, with a special focus on his days at the 1904 World's Fair.
Third Annual International Day – France (0)
In 2011 we looked at Japan’s participation at our Fair as Max Storm showed us the numerous exhibits of Japan. In 2012 Mike Truax took us on a tour of the Philippine Exhibit. This year Larry Gross explored another country’s participation in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

France is the featured country for our third annual International Day meeting. Because the Fair celebrated the Louisiana Purchase, France was one of the most important countries represented. Larry showed the ways France participated, with lots of photos for support. It was très magnifique!

Final Act of the LPE Company (14)
Karen Goering is Managing Director of Operations for the Missouri History Museum. In that role, she serves as the chief operating officer of the institution.

In her illustrated presentation at our September 5 meeting, "Looking Back at the Final Act of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company: the 100th Anniversary of the Jefferson Memorial", she shared with us the background, construction and history of the first national monument to honor our third President, Thomas Jefferson. Home to the MHS and MHM, the Jefferson Memorial building is celebrating its centennial in 2013, and has had a fascinating history over the last 100 years.

Three Presentations (32)
We had three 15-20 minute presentations about various aspects of the Fair.
1. Max Storm will told us about the Christening of Louisiana Purchase O’Lear
2. Sharon Smith will told us about the Desloge Document
3. Marv Sher will showed how to "Read about the Fair with your morning paper and coffee". How to read about the happening at the Fair in the St. Louis Republic Newspaper on your computer was shown.

Kevin Smith.. World’s Fair Memorabilia Scrapbooks (35)
Kevin Smith, from Springfield IL, brought his 7 scrapbooks of Fair Memories to show and share.
June Picnic (41)
The Annual Picnic was held again this year in Forest Park on the site of the 1904 Worlds Fair. At this year’s picnic, we had a special “World’s Fair Memorabilia Auction” where members brought memorabilia to sell. Of course hot dogs and ice cream were served.
Anthropology Days at the 1904 World’s Fair (0)
Susan Brownell, Anthropology chair at University of Missouri-St. Louis, told and showed us details about one of the more unusual sporting events in the history of World’s Fairs.

The Anthropology Days were organized by William J. McGee (the Fair’s Director of Ethnology) and James Sullivan (the Fair’s Director of Athletics), leading figures in American anthropology and sports in 1904. McGee recruited Natives from around the world who were participating in the Fair’s ethnic displays to compete in sports events, with the “scientific” goal of measuring the physical prowess of “savages” as compared with “civilized men.” This affected both the early development of Anthropology and the modern Olympic movement. Susan has authored a 2008 book titled The 1904 Anthropology Days and Olympic Games: Sport, Race, and American Imperialism.

St. Louis Public Library Tour (21)
This meeting included a presentation and tour through the newly renovated Central Library Jean M. Gosebrink and Barbara Knotts will give a presentation about the St. Louis City Library.

They highlighted the recent $70 million renovation, which was a total interior makeover of the Central Library building, which was built in 1912 on a location formerly occupied by the St. Louis Exposition and Music Hall. It was designed by Cass Gilbert, who also designed both Festival Hall and the Palace of Fine Art, which is now the St. Louis Art Museum.

Arrin L. Saeger (32)
Armin L. Saeger attended the 1904 World’s Fair when he was 12 years old. In 1974, when he was 82 years old, he "rumaged through seventy year old memory files" and made an extensive recollection of the Fair, as his cousin Ruth Hashbarger requested. He had referred to the Fair in his family "Memories of Friedens". We are very excited to present Armin Saeger to the membership, as he tells us first-hand about his several visits to the Fair.
Show and Tell (41)
Our annual and always popular "Show and Tell" was hosted by Max Storm. Twenty seven members brought items to "show and tell". Approximately 100 members and friends attended this meeting.
A New Look at an Old Fair (20)
Karl Kindt used of a new presentation software program called Prezi to demonstrate a new way to view, share and explore photographs of the Fair or any photos. Also using a new technology known as Giga Panography he showed contemporary images as well as 1904 World’s Fair photographs for illustrations to zoom in upon details in the over all context of the Fair and its history.
Closing Day Celebration (81)
The annual closing day celebration was held on Saturday December 1st at Concordia Seminary.
World’s Fair Jeopardy (29)
We divided in to teams and had a great time playing "World's Fair Jeopardy"
Philippine exhibit at the Fair. (29)
Mike Truax presented a program on the Philippine exhibit at the fair.
St. Louis Zoo History (20)
Jill Gordon , St. Louis Zoo Librarian and Historian presented a program taking us from the start of the zoo with the purchase of the 1904 Smithsonian Flight Cage to the present day number one rated zoo in the United States.
Games of the Third Olympiad (29)
Max Storm provided a presentation that looked back to the summer of 1904 and reviewed the accomplishments of the first Olympics held in the Western Hemisphere. St. Louis will forever play an important role in the history of one of the greatest sporting events in the world.
Bob Herman Presentation (30)
Charter member Bob Herman presented an overview of the fair.
Annual Picnic (35)
The Annal picnic was held in Forest Park on the Fairgrounds. Members enjoyed hot dogs, ice cream, watermelons and a host of homemade dishes brought by members to share. Many games were played and a good time was had by all.
Selected Short Subjects (35)
Several members will give a15-20 minute presentation about some aspect of our Fair.Speakers were Phil Taman on Autos at the fair; Devin Jones on religion aqt the fair and Jan Green told use about the the World Fair exhibit ant the Kansas City Art Museum.
St. Louis Public Library digitization (Photo Scanning) project (34)
This was our Annual celebration to celebrate Opening Day at the Fair. The presentation was Jean M. Gosebrink and Barbara Knotts gave a presentation about the St. Louis City Library’s ongoing project of scanning almost 7,000 original glass plate negatives of the Fair to preserve them far into the future. Refreshments were alao served
Show and Tell (28)
The March meeting was the annual Show and Tell Presentation. Members brought up to three items to show the membership and tell them about its story.
Women at the Fair (23)
Member Jan Green, of our Speakers Bureau and a veteran meeting presenter, presented a new program about women at the Fair.
The Forgotten Champions (32)
A PBS television documentary, playing for the World, about ten remarkable American Indian girls living in an Indian boarding school who would go on to win the 1904 women's basketball World Championship playing at the 1904 World’s Fair was shown.. It’s based on the book Full-Court Quest authored by 1904 World’s Fair Society members Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith.
2011 Closing Day Celebration (56)
The grand finale of our 25th Anniversary year will be our year-end Closing Day Observation. Since 1986 we have observed the Fair’s closing on the very date the Fair closed in 1904. This year the event was held in Holmes Lounge on the Campus of Washington University. The room was the actual location of several "Congress" during the Fair. Members and guests kept the tradition alive and enjoyed a delicious dinner and entertainment included our popular ‘Year in Review’ followed by entertainment from Rev Devin Jones and Linda Gurney. Attendees contributed to the fun and competed for prizes by dressing in costumes from around the World. Everyone received a keepsake of the event.
History Making History (42)
Our society sponsored the restoration of the oldest film of moving images of the collection of the Missouri History Museum, the Delodge 1904 World's Fair. It was created 20 years after the Fair ended and features several orginal World's Fair officials, including David R. Francis. Join us for the world Premier of this historic film for a rare look at a collection of lost footage about the 1904 World's Fair.
Trip to Jefferson City, Missouri (22)
we traveled by bus to Jefferson City to meet hosts Bob and Bobbie Herman. The tour of Jefferson City included the State Capitol and Governor's Mansion where we had lunch and signed the original guest register books saved from the burning Missouri Building. Transportation and dinner are included along with an ice cream treat at Central Dairy. A group was taken in front of the ‘Signing Statue.
Happy Birthday Dave (33)
We celebrated the birthday of World’s Fair President, David Roland Francis, on Saturday October 1st . The location was on the World’s Fair grounds at the south end of the Brookings quadrangle on the campus of Washington University.

Sharon Smith, Curator at the Missouri History Museum, presented a program about the historic connection between Washington University and our Fair. The presentation took place in a building leased to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company for use during the Fair. It housed the Department of Works serving as the headquarters for architects and engineers employed for the Fair.

Ken Streett, Great Grandson of Rolla Wells, Mayor of the city of St. Louis in 1904 will share memories of his Grandfather.

International Day - Japan (11)
Charter member Max Storm hosted our inaugural international meeting where each year we will feature a single foreign nation that participated in our Fair. We chose a country that made notable contributions to our Fair, Japan. Their broad participation at the Fair was highlighted by showcasing their culture and beauty.
Photography at the Fair (27)
A video of some of Yvonne Suess's favorite images from her extensive stereo view cardand photography collection were presented.
Scott Joplin House (23)
Music played a large role in the success of the World's Fair. It could be heard somewhere around the Fairgrounds during most hours the Exposition was open. Ragtime was very popular, and Scott Joplin was by far the most famous ragtime composer of the era. We met at the Scott Joplin House at 2658A Delmar Blvd , where Joplin composed many of his ragtime classics when he lived in St. Louis . It is now a Missouri State Historic Site. We'll listen to the Friends of Scott Joplin perform famous rags at the Rosebud Cafe, including Joplin's famous Cascade Rag.
Anniversary Picnic on the World's Fair Grounds (36)
Our annual Picnic was held in Forest Park begins at Picnic Area #11.which was inside the Fair grounds. Hot dogs, ice cream and iced tea were provided and members brought a dish or some snacks.to share. There was something for everybody to enjoy including a balloon release.
Special Visit to Grant's Cabin (26)
An exclusive tour of the original ‘Hardscrabble’ cabin built by General Grant in 1854. His cabin was used during the Fair by the Blanke Coffee Company to serve and sell its products. We met at Grants Farm and had a guided tour of the venue on a Tram.The tram then took us to the cabin where we had the unique opportunity to go inside.
U. S. Presidents connected to the Fair (19)
We visited the Ulysses. S. Grant National Historic Site Park and tour White Haven where the 18th President of the United States lived. Following a short tour of the home we gathered in the theater of the visitors Center were welcomed with a short explanation of the mission of the National Park Service and a bit about the Hardscrabble cabin which was on display during the 1904 World’s Fair. Jan Green then presented a lecture describing the connections of at least six U. S. Presidents to the 1904 World’s Fair.
Thanks for the Memories – 25 Years in Review (32)
The very first meeting of the 1904 World’s Fair Society took place on April 30, 1986. Two weeks before the first official meeting we gathered at Machacek library to discuss plans to create the 1904 World’s Fair Society. Our founder, Max Storm, presented a look back at our first 25 years. Refreshments were served and Charter members were honored and unique 2011 membership cards were distributed.
Palace of Fine Arts - Then and Now - April Bonus Meeting (45)
On April9th, Julie Dunn-Morton, Ph. D., Curator of Fine Arts Collection at the Mercantile Library told us about the history of the St. Louis Art Museum, dating back to when it was the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1904 World’s Fair. She discussed the construction, its importance to St. Louis, the museums role at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and much, much more. After a wonder presentation we enjoyed a tour of the beautiful Mercantile Library.
Visitors to the 1904 World’s Fair - City Hall in University City (49)
We know that millions of people came to the 1904 World’s Fair from near and far, and some of them were famous and celebrities of the day. Society President Mike Truax presented a program about Fair visitors and their accomplishments. We met at the historic city hall of University City.
Eaten' at the Expo - Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: (33)
Charter Member Pam Vaccaro, author of the scholarly book, Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: presented a program filled with facts and myths about the cuisine available on the Fairgrounds. Samples of dishes prepared from Mrs. Rorer's World's Fair Cookbook were served.
Palace of Fine Arts (0)
Palace of Arts–Then and Now - Mercantile Library on UMSL Campus.

Julie Dunn-Morton, Ph. D., Curator of Fine Arts Collection at the Mercantile Library will told us about the history of the St. Louis Art Museum, dating back to when it was the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1904 World’s Fair. We also heard about the construction, its importance to St. Louis, the museums role at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and much, much more. The evening also included a Tour of the beautiful Mercantile Library.

Charles Koehler Jr. Presentation (10)
The World’s Fair in 3D – University City Library

Charter member Charles H. Koehler, Jr. presented a program at the location of our first ever meeting in 1986. Charles played a major role in establishing the 1904 World’s Fair Society and served as our first Vice President. He assembled this exceptional 3D program at about the same time. His images of the Exposition are projected onto the silver screen in 3D along with music from the era, and made you feel like you were there. It was a perfect combination to begin our Anniversary celebration year. A short yearly budget presentation was also be given.

2010 closing Celebration (89)
The Closing Banquet was held on December 1st at Concordia Seminary.
Jan Green Presentation (38)
The University of Iowa celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2009. Part of the celebration included an exhibit of 1904 LPE artifacts which were in the archives of the Departments of History and Natural History. Jan Green traveled to Iowa City to present a program on the Fair as part of this celebration. Jan's program included photos of the archival items which are from the Philippine exhibits in 1904."
Bob Corbett Presentation (37)
Bob Corbett, instructor and noted historian, spoke about the real reason that Napoleon decided to sell this valued territory to Thomas Jefferson.
The Human Zoo (26)
In July 2009 a London Production Team came to St. Louis to make a documentary about the young science of anthropology and World’s Fairs. They met with the 1904 WF Society and filmed various locations around St. Louis. This documentary focuses on the life of Ota Benga, an African pygmy who was at the Fair, and how 1904 “civilized” society affected his life. It also describes prevailing cultural attitudes and poses some interesting and unusual theories about racism in the early 20th century.
Show and Tell Meeting (39)
The annual show and Tell meeting.
Karl and Margie Kindt presentation (24)
Karl and Margie Kindt showed the scrapbook they made from their multitude of 1904 World’s Fair digital images.
June Picnic (28)
The annual picnic returned to Forest Park this year.
Carol Ann Miller Presentation (29)
The Society’s own Carol Ann Miller, The 1904 World’s Fair Lady™, assisted by Bob Krone, The 1904World’s Fair Man ™, shared her collection of Fair clothing, accessories and gadgets from her live television remote from New York City filmed at the St. Louis Art Museum in May of 1994. Ninety years earlier Carol Ann’s grandmother visited the Fair.
Opening Day/ Sue Oertli presentation (35)
Sue Oertli will took us on a very personal visit to the 1904 World's Fair. She showed many antique glass (magic lantern) slides have been in her family for generations. Her mother, Dorothy Daniels Birk, researched the slides and began giving local lectures on the Fair, enhanced by the glass slides, which had to be fed individually by a projectionist. In 1979, Dorothy wrote a book, The World Came to St. Louis: A Visit to the 1904 World's Fair, based on her slide program to commemorate the Fair's 75th anniversary. It has been reprinted many times over the last thirty years and is a wonderful introduction to the Fair. Dorothy's program turned out to be very popular and was presented hundreds of times. Sue's husband had two sets of 35mm slides made from the original glass slides - one for the Oertli's and one for the US Patent Office. Dorothy always insisted on using the originals. On April 30th, Sue continued the family tradition by presenting to us her version of her mother's lecture, along with the 35mm slides.
Joe Sonderman Presentation (29)
Joe Sonderman, local traffic reporter, author, and Route 66 expert, told us about his book, “ St. Louis World’s Fair 365. It is an Intriguing Day-by-Day Look at the 1904 World’s Fair.” The book uses period sources and vintage images to look at interesting events from each day of theFair.
Washington University and the Fair (27)
Candace O’Connor, an award-winning writer, editor and documentary producer, discussed Washington University's first downtown campus and the move to its current location on Skinker and Forsyth. Several of these buildings were used by the Fair. Shel also enlightened us about the relationship between Washington University and the Fair.
Landscaping at the Fair (23)
Dr. Mary Dasovich, a Professor at St. Louis University, spoke to us about the gorgeous landscaping at the Fair, including the great variety of plants, shrubs and trees that embellished the whole of the fairgrounds.
2009 Closing Day Observance (75)
The annual closing day observance was held on December 1st at Concordia Seminary.
Carol Diaz-Granados Program (21)
Carol Diaz-Granados, a research associate and lecturer at Washington University, gave a program on anthropology at the Fair. This slide-illustrated presentation looked at the fascinating cultures brought from distant lands for the enlightenment of fair- goers.
David Winfield & Match Safes (41)
David Winfield, a long-time antique match safe collector and expert, spoke about his outstanding collection, history and safes from the World’s Fair.
Forest Park Tour (37)
On Saturday October 10th Marv and Sandy Sher expanded their Forest Park Forever Walking Tour to to include many of the areas of the park used by the Fair. Attendees also visited the 1904 World's Fair exhibit in the History Museum.
Esley Hamilton & Old St. Louis (0)
Esley Hamilton, preservation historian for St. Louis County Parks & Recreation, spoke about the vanished world of St. Louis in 1904. He showed how different the city was at the time of the Fair through images of buildings that have since disappeared. We no longer see the densely populated city neighborhoods of old, obliterated by both urban renewal and decay.
Show and tell (27)
This is our annual Show & Tell meeting - the perfect opportunity to show-off up to three pieces from your World’s Fair memorabilia collection. This is always a favorite meeting with members showing
fascinating items pertaining to our beloved Fair.

"Meet Me at the Fair" Muny Night Out (15)
We watched our all-time favorite “Meet Me in St. Louis" at the outdoor Muny Opera in Forest Park. Sixty eight (68) members and their guests attended. We took a backstage tour followed by a delicious buffet dinner, before heading to our seats to watch this wonderful performance.
Picnic in Kirkwood Park (11)
Our annual picnic is a fun event, with games, prizes, and food. The society supplies the hot dogs, iced tea, and ice cream, and attendees bring a dish to share. This event is for the entire family - bring friends and neighbors. Also, feel free to bring WF items to sell, as collectors are always ‘on the hunt.’ Finally, merchandise will be for sale, so buy some summertime t-shirts and help out the Society at the same time!
"A World on Display" Video (27)
We viewed Eric Breitbart's wonderful 1994 video, A World on Display," which, uses interviews with historians and Fair attendees, archival motion pictures and photographs to "situate the St. Louis Fair in the social, political and cultural context of American Society at the turn-of-the-century. Eric Breitbart is a filmmaker and freelance writer, currently living in New York.
Society and Fair's Birthday Party (39)
In addition, to the Birthday Party, Carol Ferring Shepley, writer, art critic and professor of art history, spook about her fantastic new book about Bellefontaine Cemetery, "Movers and Shakers, Scalawags & Suffragettes; Tales from Bellefontaine Cemetery". Books were available for purchase and were signed by the author. Birthday refreshments were served
Jan Green Education Presentation (21)
For many years, the WFS has hoped to prepare a program which can be used in school classrooms to promote one of the objectives of the Society, to preserve the memories of the Fair. It is imperative to reach young people and ensure that the wonders and knowledge of the marvelous summer in 1904 live on in future generations.

The first step in this direction is the construction of a DVD which can be used in individual classrooms when WFS speakers are not available or in conjunction with a speaker. Jan Green presented the "draft" of a DVD program she has developed at the meeting. This first program will be targeted for Grades 4-8.

Truax/Sonderman Book (25)
February, 11th 2009 Meeting
Our Society President, Mike Truax, along with Joe Sonderman, talked about their new Arcadia book on the Fair. The meeting was held at the The Kirkwood Community Center.

Reber's Personal Fair Photos (33)
January 5th 2009 Meeting.
St. Louisians Shelley & Barry Burnette have a collection of wonderful Fair photographs taken by Shelley's grandfather, Robert Reber, an amateur photographer. We were treated to a show of these one-of-a-kind, fascinating images, with time for audience participation. The meeting was held at the County Library.

2008 Closing Day Observance (68)
2008 November Meeting (33)
Meeting on November 6th at St. Louis County library
2008 October Meeting (28)
October 2008 Meeting
2008 Setember Meeting (6)
2008 Bellefontain Cemetery (31)
2008 August Meeting (40)
2008 July Meeting (45)
June 2008 Picnic (46)
Picnic was held on Saturday June 21st at Kirkwood Park
May 2008 Meeting (31)
FPF Walking Tour May 1st, 2008 (17)
Photos of the Public Forest Park Forever Walking tour that was led by WFS members Marv and Sandy Sher that walked some of the 1904 Fair Grounds and pointing out the facilities and history of Forest Park
April 2008 Meeting (32)
Annual Opening Day meeting held April 30th at the Heights
March 2008 Meeting (50)
March 2008 Meeting at County Library
February 2008 Meeting (47)
January 2008 Meeting (14)
Closing Day December 2007 (106)
2007.11 Meeting (6)
November Meeting

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